Growing Old in Serbia: a Glance on Serbian Seniors

Serbia is a senior country. Like most of its neighbouring countries, and like most of Europe, the fertility rate is low, extremely low. The country was actually ranked 183 out 200 in the world for these data last year. Even worse, the born ones do not stay! Brain drain is a strong reality, coming from one of the weakest economies from the continent. 

So, who is staying in Serbia? The seniors. Coming in Serbia, I actually discovered this was a very little covered topic, in terms of street photography. I therefore started my picture work in the country with this theme. 

We're here in raw: the main (only?) guiding light of these series is the age of the characters depicted. I don't try to build a story with the pictures, just to make a snapshot of the eldest of the Serbian society.

Most of the times, the images I have show some smiling faces, maybe stereotypical, too stereotypical. However, knowing the social situation of Serbia, there's way heavier being these happy glances. I am still trying to imagine the lives of these people, the hardships they faced in their lives, what they have been victims of, but as well the responsibilities of these generations in the situation Serbia currently is. A very broad subject, and I'm not sure I'll succeed to get a reply to all my interrogations.