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Genex Tower: Belgrade’s abandoned UFO

Let’s continue our trip to the little known parts of Belgrade with the Genex Tower (Geneks Kula in Serbia, aka Western City Gate (Zapadna Kapija Beograda). We will discover today one of the symbols of Novi Beograd, and its brutalist architecture. A symbol still visible, but now almost abandoned. When it comes to Novi Beograd, people usually think about unfriendly, badly designed decaying Communist buildings, cohabiting with cold modern business skyscrapers, some of them on arrested development for years and years now. Well, to be honest, it’s a pretty accurate description of the district. However, it’s far from being uninteresting, […]

Dorcol Dunavski Kej : the other Danube waterfront in Belgrade

When it comes to the Danube and Belgrade, many people think about Zemun. Pretty logical actually, as it is one of the most picturesque spots of Belgrade. However, there’s a second spot, almost unknown, Dorcol Danube Quay, Dorcol Dunavski Kej in Serbian. I decided to visit it, slightly before a heavy storm.  Why is Dorcol Danube Quay that little known? Well, to be honest, the surroundings are definitely not the most picturesque. Even though it has Dorcol in its name, the place is actually located in the Lower part, Donji Dorcol. While the upper district has been pretty bourgeois for […]

From Subotica to Subotica: the refugees crisis two years later

Last week, during the Routes Festival, I participated in a discussion panel about the refugees crisis and its coverage by the media. It’s an opportunity for me to re-publish that article I had written on my Medium last year.  This was two years ago, in April 2015. I remember the travel from Belgrade to Subotica, the last Serbian city before the Hungarian border. The bus is full. Apart from the usual travellers, mainly Serbian students going back home for the weekend, a third of the passengers comes from much further away: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan,etc. Most of them are asylum seekers […]