Refugees Crisis

2015: the Refugees Crisis becomes more serious in Serbia, as the number of people transiting through the country is increasing. Knowing pretty well the borders of the country, I started to cover the crisis on the main transit points, from Preševo, at the border with Macedonia, to Kelebia (Hungarian border) and then Berkasovo (Croatian border). 

On a purely photographic level, this has probably been the beginning of a more serious approach on photography. I got the opportunity to deal with a world news event, producing meaningful pictures (at least I thought), that will give me a new exposure. This was as well a chance to provide help to the local NGO's. I organized an exhibition on the theme of the refugee children, selling prints of the pictures, the income being donated to Refugee Aid Serbia. More info on the exhibition can be find in this article of Vice Magazine (in Serbian).

On a purely ethical point of view, a few years later, I am still torn apart. These "wonderful" pictures have not changed anything about the situation, that is now worse, while I benefited from it.