About BalkansCat

So, who are you, BalkansCat?

My name's Jerome Cid, I'm French, but I've been living in Balkans for almost ten years now.

First in Kosovo, then in Greece, before going to Serbia, where I'm currently living.

Why Balkans?

Well, it actually started with some travels, longer and longer, then a first job experience, and then I actually graduated in the Economics of Balkans. I am now working in Belgrade.

And what about photo?

It started way before. I got my first photo classes back when I was... in primary school, when I was eight. Yes, it was stil the era of is Highness the film photography.

I continued for a lot of time, switching to digital s12 years ago, continuing to takes pictures, more and more seriously.

This website is now dedicated to my main work, probably my biggest: the Balkans. It's made of thousands of pictures, hundred of topics, and way more memories.

Where to see more pictures?

Just check the links below. There are a bit more pictures, even though some of the websites are not updated.

Can I buy pictures?

As you may see, a part of my pictures are on stock websites, you may purchase then through these platforms. However, I'm as well open for negotiation for direct sales, with lower rates than the platform, so don't hesitate to contact me in case you would like to discuss about it. 

Can I contact you for assignments? 

I'm open for any collaboration. Just keep in mind that I am mainly a documentary photographer. It's perfect for some works, but it's a specific style, that may not be the best for everybody. That being said, don't hesitate once again to contact me, we'll see together if this can be an efficient collaboration.